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Clever Cloud supports a large array of runtime, databases and features, available on a Public cloud (with up to eight Availability Zones) and on your own Private Cloud.

Clever Cloud Public

This is the default PaaS of Clever Cloud. Ideal for non-critical projects, this offer provides an exceptional degree of automation for tarification from $6 per month, with access to the majority of Clever Cloud features - scaling, backups, monitoring - and without against part on the quality of service.

Automatic Deployment and Updates
Manage your deployments via Git or our CLI tool: they are now fast, predictable and prevent any builds that fail .
PHP, Node.JS, Scala, .NET: Get every language or database you want. And if we've missed your needs, Docker is available to run anything you want.
Traffic surge ? The active monitoring of Clever Clever is able to adjust your ressources in seconds.
Work together: Invite your co-worker and attribute role for various access-levels.
Clever Cloud is built around security principles: from software to access control, we’ve got you covered.
Performance is a serious matter: that’s why you get cache services, hardware-optimized Virtual Machines and great network with Clever Cloud.
No one like to be in a black box. Clever cloud exposes every piece of info to help you release software.
A dedicated of developers is here to help you to configure and troubleshoot your journey on Clever Cloud.

Clever Cloud Premium

Clever Cloud Premium integrates the needs of mid-cap / large groups with suite of connectivity options to bring Clever Cloud Closer to your IT, and your internal contract policies

Perfect for mission critical applications

  • Dedicated frontends with private IP address
  • Powerful VPN with Wireguard
  • Unified Gateway
  • Taylored SLAs

All Stars Support

  • Chat, Email, Phone etc
  • Fully Prioritized Tickets
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Dedicated Solutions Architects

Clever Cloud On-Premises

Pre-packaged enterprise solution, Clever Cloud On-Premises offers you a unique Paas experience, located behind your firewall. You can leverage your on-premise software portfolio or easily integrate next-generation, cloud-optimized data and software. Strategic sectors such as banking or insurance rely on Clever Cloud to manage their critical services internally on their datacenters.

Clever CloudRUNTIME
  • Applications and databases are running on your servers
  • Your source code stays strictly on your servers
  • Access to the FS bucket on your infrastructures
  • Backups Supported in public Clever Cloud
  • Monitoring data managed in Clever Cloud public
  • Cellar (clone S3, large file storage) on Clever Cloud Public
  • Storing logs on Clever Cloud public
  • Applications and databases are running on your servers
  • Your source code stays strictly on your servers
  • Access to the FS bucket on your servers
  • Backups is on your servers
  • Monitoring is on your servers
  • Cellar (S3 clone for object file storage) is on your servers
  • Logs are on your servers
Clever CloudAIR GAP
  • Everything runs above your infrastructure
  • Your infrastructures is fully autonomous
  • An Internet connection is no longer required
  • Updates are performed offline via encrypted hardware

Sprint0 Software Factory

The Sprint 0 offer was designed with the objective of accelerating the start of new projects under the best conditions. “Sprint 0 “ is the step of setting up tools and processes within a team of developers during a new project. With Clever Cloud, you get one-click all of its tools without the installation constraint. Sprint 0 has the following elements:


Artifactory is a repository manager that allows you to make available and centralize your binary files as part of the collaorative development of your project.


Jenkins is a Java-based, open-source, continuous integration server that interfaces with versioning systems to run projects and verify that each source code change does not produce regression in the developed application. Learn more about our offers Jenkin + Runners.


Confluence is a wiki software, used as collaborative work software designed by Atlassian.


A solution that manages the software development process by providing social functions that facilitate real-time exchanges between all parties involved: developers, technical teams, business users and customers.x

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