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Posted at June 7, 2022 — Company

Clever Cloud at your service: startups, Kubernetes or VMware, we’re here!

You may know Clever Cloud as a platform that allows you to simply deploy your applications on our servers or those of our hosting partners, focusing on what matters: their development. We maintain them in operating conditions, in the most optimized and secure environment possible.

Clever Cloud: on-demand, on-premises… or on top of VMware

This approach comes from a desire to be at the service of our customers, our first partners and promoters. It’s by their side that we ensure our growth, thanks to them that our team grows. 

Our first objective is to constantly offer them a better product, matching their expectations. To find solutions to their requests. This is why Clever Cloud is not a “PaaS” like any other, why we defend French and European Tech with such determination, and why we do not chase investors and fund-raising.

In addition to our “classic” offer, we provide different levels of services. Our customers can request access to a Premium subscription and even use our tools on their own on-premises servers. It allows them to get a greater control over their data, while enjoying the simplicity and flexibility of our platform.

Clever Cloud offer

For example, we recently received a special request from a prospect: host their own Clever Cloud in an ANSSI-qualified SecNumCloud infrastructure (OVHcloud’s Hosted Private Cloud offering powered by VMware). We assigned a part of our technical team to this project, developed a PoC and now everything is in line, ready for use. You’re also interested? Let us know.

Respond and fit to our customers’ needs

We regularly meet companies with unique needs and requests, particular technical requirements, software or hardware, in terms of performance, etc. They do not find suitable answers.

In such situations, we can helm and make our tools evolve easily, design a tailor-made solution, which is possible because we develop our own platform. Sometimes, this work is more generic, leading to products that will be available to everyone through our Console. 

This has led us to imagine our own Kubernetes offering, which we are regularly asked for, or IaaS/FaaS solutions (being finalized by our team). Always looking at how we can differentiate, with the ambition of doing better, bringing value to our customers, taking advantage of our freedom to design things in the most “Clever” way possible. 

By the way, if you are a startup that needs technical or financial support, that wants to take advantage of our approach and why not co-design offers and products, apply to our Early Stage program.

And to move forward together, nothing could be easier: contact us.


David Legrand is the Chief of Hardware Evaluation at Clever Cloud, with a focus on innovative and open solutions. Also in charge of Tech advocacy.

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