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Everything but the code

Clever Cloud handles all the ops work while you focus on your true business value: coding.

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Let's go beyond hosting

Clever Cloud is a Platform as a Service, aiming at helping companies to ship way faster their web services in the cloud, with a pay-as-you-go pricing model. No infrastructure to manage, no system to update and no orchestrator to troubleshoot.

Clever Cloud a European company that brings the building blocks of SaaS architectures. Organizations of all sizes use our service to deploy, operate and scale their businesses.
Clever Cloud operates its own hardware for better control, builds its own OS for greater performances, for the sake of sovereignty and — above all — security.

And Why is Clever Cloud Different?

Deployements Features

Fluid and rock-solid deployments

Managed Services
Managed Services

Clever Cloud offers a large set of services. Pick the best fit for your apps, and configure add-ons with one click for your databases and other kind of services.

Intelligent Auto-scaling
Intelligent Auto-scaling

Choose freely the amount of resources you need. Configure your own scaling scenarios, just in case you would get unexpected traffic or usage

Auto Healing of Apps
Auto Healing of Apps

Apps are restarted/redeployed when they get too slow or crash. Clever Cloud caches your build for faster recovery of your apps.

Monitoring and Observability

Get insights for your application's metrics

Global Supervision

Keep an eye on CPU usage, pressure on memory or even remaining disk space for your database. Clever Cloud provides dashboards and tools to closely monitor your services.

Access Logs

Access logs are useful to track every incoming HTTP requests. Get access to it via an API or our integrated UI.

Alert integration

Need to be notified? With one click, integrate your deployment workflow in your favorite channel to follow each new release your team is shipping.


Getting collaboration without compromising on security

Built-in Security

From automatic SSL certificates to automatic kernel and software updates, get the most secure environment without any required action.

Command Line Tools

Besides our web console, we have open-sourced our cli, Clever Tools : it allows you to manage your deployment lifecycle / configuration within your terminal.

Easy Collaboration with ACL

Define your role-levels to give the right access to the right co-workers in your team.


A great team of developers by your side

Super-Fast support

Most of our tickets are answered in minutes. Not hours. Also, if your have critical needs, a phone support is available.

Community and resources for all

Clever Cloud provides documentation, videos, tutorials and code examples to help you get started.

Priority Support for Enterprises

For mission-critical applications, options like Clever Cloud Premium offers tailored SLA, phone support and advanced features. Learn more about Clever Cloud Premium

We have happy customers

Our Clients Love Us

Cloud infrastructures often lead to a feeling of working in a black box. Have a look at how Clever Cloud provides all the tools and features you need.

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