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Automate your Software Factory On-Premises

Get the best of what public Cloud offers on your own datacenter
A private, self-managed and scalable Cloud on your own infrastructure.

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The value of private cloud

Put your datacenter at work

Get the most of your datacenter: Clever Cloud on-premises helps you to use the most of your infrastructure thanks to the top-tier orchestration managed by Clever Cloud: VM density as its finest for a more rational and private cloud.

The tools you already know

Deploy you applications and services with the tools your team already know. We’ve designed Clever Cloud with a minimal learning curve for maximum productivity.

Reduce Operational Costs

Your internal PaaS is fully managed by a dedicated team at Clever Cloud. 100% of your team is able to focus on production, software delivery and architectural optimisations. Downtime is minimized with auto-healing apps and auto-scaling.

Empower your team

Team’s delivery is operating up to eight times faster than a traditional datacenter infrastructure. Clever Cloud make deployments and release ways easier, without putting production at risk with integrated safety checks.

What's included ?

A Full Software Factory

Clever Cloud on your own premises will help you automate your software factory. From the build to observability, Clever Cloud covers a broad range of services you used to setup yourself: monitoring, backups, networking, scaling, orchestrations etc.

Clever Cloud is also built in a way to easily integrate external tools like monitoring, backups, networking…


The whole infrastructure is designed by our team of engineers, selecting the best of both open-source and home-made software.

The OS (Operating System) of all of our virtual machines is compiled specifically for the targeted CPU, even on-premises. This allows best in class performance, by using the right CPU instructions for virtualization.

Each piece of software is carefully selected in terms of performance. And if it miss its target on that, a new software is built around our needs to match our performance.


Every piece of code deployed on Clever Cloud is deployed in a short-lived, reproducible environment. Even if one of your applications gets compromised, the compromised code will automatically go away at the next deployment. This is particularly useful for commonly targeted applications like PHP CMSs.

By default, virtual machines are isolated from the network, and without allowing trusted network, we provide security in depth. This greatly reduces lateral movement, and encourages better security processes.


We conduct many compliance checks on a very large number of production environments, every day.

This is the role of a specific QA team wiring tests to cover the whole spectrum of runtimes, frameworks and services we managed on Clever Cloud.


Simple, immediate, both vertical and horizontal scaling. You can scale manually or automatically.


Everything is automated, from monitoring, to updates, through notifications and DNS management.


Notifications, role-based accesses, webhooks, logs access… everything to make the job friction-less.


Support is at the core of Clever Cloud: a dedicated team of engineers is here to help you deploy, scale and debug your applications.

A wide array of technologies

Clever Cloud On-Premises is polyglot and can manage all these technologies hassle free. Programming languages can be used in different versions and are always set with maximum security by default. Databases come in their latest version, fully functionnal and automatically backed up.

Three Levels: light, full and autonomous

Clever Cloud On-Premises packages are declined in three offers to follow your needs.

Clever Cloud On premisesRuntime
  • Lightweight implementation
  • Starting at 1 bare-metal server
  • Applications and services on your infrastructure
  • Orchestration, backup and monitoring on Public Cloud
  • Updates via Update Center (VPN link)
  • Hybrid Cloud possible
Clever Cloud On premisesSatellite
  • Complete implementation
  • Starting at 7 bare-metal server
  • Applications and services on your infrastructure
  • Orchestration, backup and monitoring on your infrastructure
  • Updates via Update Center (VPN or dedicated link)
  • Hybrid Cloud optional
Clever Cloud On premisesAir-Gap
  • Internet-less implementation
  • Starting at 9 bare-metal server
  • Applications and services on your infrastructure
  • Orchestration, backup and monitoring on your infrastructure
  • Encrypted hard drive sent on location via certified transporter
  • Hybrid Cloud: N/A

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