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Fully-featured supervision for your production environment

Metrics is a monitoring and supervision service designed by Clever Cloud. Metrics collect and displays events and data point with gauges, graphics and other visualisation tools you need to monitor your applications and databases.
You can also create alerts and optimise specific panels to get a better overview of your ressources running above Clever Cloud. Metrics can be used to spot useful information, unusual activity, and erratic behaviours to help your teams to improve your applications.

A single platform for observability

Metrics makes the monitoring way easier for your team. Each new application get immediately its own Grafana dashboard, with Metrics collected from the very first second of runtime to the last, with infinite retention.

Getting the right information for operational visibility

Metrics makes it easy to monitor your resources and applications on Clever Cloud. This solution is natively integrated with all our services. In addition to the automatically published metrics, metrics with custom measures and granularity down to one second are configurable from Grafana.

Create your own metrics with Prometheus

Prometheus is a popular open source monitoring tool, with a great community of users. Clever Cloud Metrics automates the discovery and collection of Prometheus metrics from your applications, to help you to get your own metrics.

How does it works ?

About Grafana

Grafana is an open-source tool which enables among others metrics, alerting or log visualization. Grafana also comes with multiple kinds of tiles or themes and provide many data sources. In our case, we will use only Warp10 and Prometheus.

Integration and API

Application metrics are available for everyone. Each app, managed service or add-ons has its metrics published and accessible by default into Grafana.
To view application metrics, navigate to your organisation in the Clever Cloud Console and click the Metrics in Grafana tab. To retrieve Metrics data, an endpoint with an API token are available per service. Learn more about Metrics API.

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