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Clever Cloud uses extensive metrics, logs and monitoring data to ensure the best uptime and lowest response times. This data feeds the AI of Clever Cloud and is also available for our users to understand the lifecycle of their applications. The proper functioning of your services is also guaranteed thanks to a dedicated on-call service and an internal ticketing system for flawless follow-up.

General Monitoring

Each service supervised indivdually. Clever Cloud thus guarantees the smooth running of your service, thanks to a dedicated on-call and an internal tickting system for a flawless follow up

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System Monitoring with Metrics

Metrics is an essential tool to monitor the vital constants of your application: processor, RAM, network, disk usage and so on… (There is more than a hundred metrics recorded by default by applications, depending on on your stack). Metrics also allows you to store and measure your own business metrics.

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Application Monitoring

Clever Cloud does not just guarantee the server uptime, Clever Cloud guarantees the application uptime.
By monitoring the application on a functional side (HTTP error codes, build errors, database connection issues), Clever Cloud is able to take automatic action on your application when needed. For instance, if the application appears to timeout, the monitoring of Clever Cloud automatically restarts the application, and sends a notification to the owner of the application. These actions are useful to detect and avoid OOM (out of memory) errors.

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Access logs

Clever Cloud is also collecting and analyzing access logs (each HTTP request to go to your application) and providing a global vision in both real time and historical data over your network’s inputs, including the geolocation of IP using your applications.

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Application Logging

All application and system logs are routed to the Clever Cloud log system and stored securely to our big data managed systems, access to logs is provided, with the retention of five days by default. You can consult them via the web console or the command line, but also export them using Log Drains (real time) to third-party services, via various protocols, to store them or produce an analysis. Common outputs include the Elastic Stack, Graylog or Datadog.

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Functional Monitoring

Clever Cloud offers various partnerships with functional monitoring platforms providing automated functional monitoring for every application. If needed, you can define a monitoring strategy with the support of your commercial contact with Clever Cloud.

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