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Posted at January 27, 2022 — Features

Announcing the New Middle East Zone in Jeddah

Today we are officially announcing the opening of a new Clever Cloud zone located in Jeddah, our first in the Middle East region. This comes in addition to our existing Paris, Roubaix, Warsaw, New York City, Montreal, Singapore and Sydney zones.

The launch of this new zone in Jeddah has been made available thanks to our supplier Oracle Cloud. It has the special characteristics of running on a virtualized infrastructure: beyond the technical achievement for us, it will enable faster and more scalable expansion in new regions in the future to answer your needs.

How the create an app on this new Jeddah zone

In the console

When creating an application, in the Zone dropbox you should be able to select them:

Selecting the location when creating an app

In the information tab, you can change an existing zone to another and this will trigger a redeployment in the new zone:

An application configured for Jeddah

With Clever-Tools

If you are using clever-tools, or the API, the region flag is as follows:

$ clever create appNameJeddah --region jed -t dotnet -v

What will be the prices of services there?

As infrastructure is more expensive in the Middle East than in Europe, mainly because of the necessary cooling systems and network connectivity, our pricing in Jeddah will be higher in the future (approximately +50%).

However, to support the launch of this zone and help you test it at a more attractive price, we have decided to exceptionally set the same prices as in our other zones for some months. We will publish the new prices on our pricing page.

You can now easily start you first applications and databases on this new Middle East zone: login to the console.


Julie Nolot

Marketing Representative at Clever Cloud. I'm behind most of the tweets from @clever_cloud and @clever_cloudFR.

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