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Posted at October 19, 2021 — Features

Announcing Time Series on Clever Cloud, with TARDIS

At Clever Cloud we aim to provide the best services for all kinds of data. Time Series data are no exception to this. We’re thrilled to announce a time series database, TARDIS, in the next few weeks.

About TARDIS Features

A Time Series Database (TSDB) store series of chronological data, in an optimised way. The use cases are numerous:

  1. Time Series and Signal processing : TARDIS will be able to store your metrics and states. It will also offer an interactive and analytical queryable store to monitor changes over time.
  2. BI & Analytics : You can use TARDIS as an analytical solution for Time Series. It will power Time Series analytical queries as well as dashboards. We are planning 3rd party integration too.
  3. Monitoring: TARDIS will help you to integrate KPIs from a specialised service.

Technology & Supported Protocols

This TSDB will be backed by our partner SenX, the company behind Warp10, on a distributed infrastructure backed by OVHcloud.

One of the most interesting news about TARDIS is its ability to be a polyglot TSDB and to support multiple query languages and protocols. For instance, you can push your data with Prometheus, and you can retrieve it with WarpScript or PromQL. It’s the same data, without duplication.

The architecture uses proxies (hosted and managed by Clever Cloud) that bridges the gap between Warp10 and various requests protocols, similar to our metrics backend.

Reliability FTW

TARDIS stores data in a strongly consistent fashion, thanks to a transactional pipeline. So, we won’t lose any data once a push is acknowledged.

Regarding high availability, we operate a special care for the storage too. Namely, rack awareness optimisations, network topology fault isolation and data placements.

We’ve designed everything in TARDIS for very high scalability. We clocked this technology with production workloads with millions data points per second, and over a billion unique series for a single region.

Pay as You Go

TARDIS only bills for what users use. It start at 5 millions points (perfect for an app that produce 100 data points every minute, during a month). We will release the final pricing within the next few days. We will propose a beta program at a relatively low price first. Then the stabilised product pricing will change a bit, still at a competitive level (as always!).

Integrated Authentication

TARDIS will be integrated with Clever Cloud IAM, as it is with our Apache Pulsar and Elasticsearch services. In the meantime, we provide crypto tokens that let users define read or write access, to their entire data set or subscope to specific labels.

Deletion & GDPR

TARDIS complies with GDPR by allowing customers to delete their data. Deletes can occur on a single data point, a whole series, or a set of series, over a specified time range. Which is particularly useful nowadays. To learn more about this, check the documentation

Release date and beta program

We’re planning  the public release by the end of the 2021. But we can provide the service in advance as of today. You can reach us via the following form :

Clement Nivolle

Co-founder and "Chief Revenue Officer" at Clever Cloud. Clément was a developer, but he acquired new powers after being elected in a rather "sales" oriented role (losing short in 2010).

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