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Posted at March 5, 2020 — Features

Elastic Stack now available on Clever Cloud

Good news everyone, we are really excited to offer the Elastic Stack — 🔥Platinum Version 🔥 — on Clever Cloud. It's the first as a service offer that is officially supported by Elastic from a French company, with datacenters located in France.

If you are looking for an Elastic Stack provider dealing with the American Cloud Act problematics and the GDPR regulations, look no further. 🙂

We are proud to partner with Elastic and offer you the full Elastic Stack on Clever Cloud.

Am I talking about X-Pack? Yes and no, I am talking about so much more. You will have access to Kibana Canvas & Lens, Kibana Spaces with full security (encryption, RBAC, field and doc-level security), Alerting, Elasticsearch SQL, Machine Learning, Metrics, logs, … If you want the full details about what is available on Clever Cloud, take a look at the Platinum column on this page.

Our starting price is 17 euros per month. With this you can get the full extent of the Elastic Stack, at a very small scale. On the other hand, you can go all the way up to 64 CPUs and 256Go of RAM per node. Our support team will manage the first levels of support while being able to escalate to Elastic's team when needed. You are in good hands!

And of course we worked on an integration with the rest of Clever Cloud. Please have a look at our documentation for the details. Here's a quick glance at what we did.

Specific Clever Cloud Integrations

We have worked on our Elastic Stack integration on several fronts. When you provision the Elastic add-on, we allow you to provision Kibana and an APM server as traditional Clever Cloud applications. It means that they benefit from all the goodness that we bring to applications. You can turn them off if you want to, you can enable auto scalability, you can link them to other applications, really anything you would do with traditional applications. Let's see each integration a bit more in details.


Authenticating to Kibana is available through an automatically configured SSO. Every member of the organisation the addon has been deployed to can use their Clever Cloud account to authenticate. No configuration is required on your part.

Elastic APM

If you link the APM server application to any of your application, the right environment variables will be injected and automatically picked by the APM agent in your dependencies. Then simply authenticate to Kibana and start setting up your APM! This feature will be showcased in a dedicated blog post in the coming days.

The ELK dashboard on Clever Cloud


We are introducing a new way to manage your add-on backups. When we create your new add-on, we also create a Cellar add-on (our S3-compatible object storage solution) named Backups. All your backups will be stored there. We are starting with Elasticsearch but other databases will soon follow.

What's next?

We plan to provide an even better integration with the Elastic Stack. We are currently thinking about the best way to integrate Beats to our applications. You can currently do it manually but wouldn't it be nice if this was automated? This should really ease the usage of Elastic SIEM for instance.

And of course we are working on automatic cluster provisioning, not just for Elastic. In the meantime you can provision as many nodes as you need and contact our support team to put them in the same cluster.

We are supper excited about working with Elastic and hope you will be as excited to try it on Clever Cloud! We will publish more blog posts in the coming days, highlighting some of the awesome capabilities of our Elastic Stack integration.



Laurent Doguin

Head of Developer Relation @clever_cloud. Devoxx Champion. I am also a nerdy metal head living in Paris.

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