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Posted at July 8, 2019 — Features

Clever Grid: Using GPUs has never been so simple

Today the Clever Cloud team is happy to release Clever Grid, our new GPUs as a Service offering. Because we think life should be as easy for data scientists as it is for developers when it comes to running code.


  • No hidden cost starting from 0.42 euros an hour
  • Billed by the minute
  • Datacenter located in Europe to comply with GDPR
  • up to 4 GeForce GTX1070 on the same machine
  • Fully automated setup with CUDA, Tensorflow, Keras and more

That's right, the level of automation given to developers using Clever Cloud is now available for Data Scientist too! No more tedious CUDA driver setup, no more dependency hell, you can focus on what matters: your code. And it's just a git push away. Try it now on! Note that Clever Grid login is compatible with your Clever Cloud account, but we'll detail this below.

0.42 euros an hour […] with 8 CPU, 1 GPU (Nvidia GeForce GTX1070), 6GB of Ram and 250GB of storage space

But by now you should be wondering, how much is it going to cost me? It starts at 10 euros a day, billed by the minute. That's 0.42 euros per hour. And what do you get for this low starting price? You get a VM with 8 CPU, 1 GPU (GeForce GTX1070), 6GB of Ram and 250GB of storage space. And our Datacenters are located in Europe so you can comply with GDPR!

Here's our complete pricing list, please keep in mind that this is the only thing you will pay. There are no hidden costs, no additional bandwith fees and the like.

Clever Grid price list

You will be able to choose the size of the VM you want when creating the application. But first you need to give it a name, a description and choose its type. We have six different ways of running your code. You can use Python, Java or Docker as runner or webapp. Basically a runner starts, executes your scripts and stops. It's great to train your models. A webapp is the more traditional way of deploying applications on Clever Cloud. It's as its name indicates a web application.

As usual with Clever Cloud you can start your application by pushing your code to a git remote branch we provide upon application creation. Or you can start from one of our template and start editing the code from the dashboard. We currently provide a template to automatically run a Jupyter notebook or to train a style transfer model.

And if you are already a Clever Cloud user, know that everything is available from the Clever Cloud console as well. Clever Grid is basically a new Web Console written from scratch using Vue.js and our public API, allowing you to deploy only in Zones where GPUs are available. Keep in mind that VM disks are stateless, if your need to keep your data, use persistent storage like Clever Cloud Cellar, a S3-like storage service (free up to 100MB).

We hope you will enjoy using Clever Grid to innovate faster with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. And always remember that ethics is super important in science!

PS: You can find our ready-to-go demos here on Github. Check the documentation of Clever Grid for installation instructions.


Laurent Doguin

Head of Developer Relation @clever_cloud. Devoxx Champion. I am also a nerdy metal head living in Paris.

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