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Posted at September 21, 2015 — Features

Introducing our Public API and Clever CLI

Two things, today: the Clever Cloud public API is here and so is the Clever CLI. Let's have a look at these new things we're thrilled to release today!

Clever API

Since the beginning of Clever Cloud, we have been working exclusively with our own internal API. We didn't open it to the public immediately. We wanted to bring it further, with enough iterations to get a stable release.

Getting started with the API

The API uses OAuth v1 for authentication. The first step to start playing with the API, is to get your tokens:

Once you have your tokens you can interact with the API. To see what you can do with the API, here is the interactive reference: Clever API reference. Don't forget to log-in to be able to interact with the API directly from the documentation.

Clever Tools

The Clever Tools is a CLI (Command-Line Interface) for Clever Cloud. This tool allows you to manage your addons and applications directly from the terminal. Think of it as a lightweight, text-based alternative to the console. It's also great if you want to script your interactions with clever cloud. It's not feature-complete compared to the console yet, so feel free to tell us what you need from it.

Installation and Setup

The installation and setup are pretty straightforward:

  • Type npm install clever-tools -g in your terminal. It will download and install it. If you don't have npm, consider installing node.js.
  • Once it's installed, type clever login and follow the instructions.
  • Navigate in one of your apps' Git repository and enter clever link "My Organisation/My application" (also works with your App ID). This will link your local repo to the Clever Cloud application. You can use --alias <my-alias> if you need to deploy the same code base to several Clever Cloud applications (usually for production / pre-production settings).

Here's a quick overview of what you can do with it.

# Deploying on the production server
$ clever deploy --alias prod

# Displaying the (live-updated) status of an app
$ clever activity --follow --alias preprod

# Show the logs
$ clever logs

# Create a free plan PG addon named my-addon in the Montreal zone
$ clever addon create postgresql-addon my-addon-pg --plan dev --region mtl

# Create a node.js app named my-app-dev in the Paris zone
$ clever create my-app-dev --type node --alias dev --region par

Note: The available types of apps are:

  • apache+php54
  • apache+php55
  • docker
  • go
  • java+maven
  • java+play1
  • java+war
  • node
  • python27
  • ruby
  • sbt
  • static

Contributions Welcome

Open-Source is something really important to us. That's why we're releasing the Clever Tools on our Github. It's totally open to contribution, the repository is here.

Here's some other repositories, also open to contribution:

Happy coding!


Clement Nivolle

Co-founder and "Chief Revenue Officer" at Clever Cloud. Clément was a developer, but he acquired new powers after being elected in a rather "sales" oriented role (losing short in 2010).

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