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Posted at May 31, 2021 — Company

Announcing New Redis Plans

Today we are releasing new Redis plans , and it’s largely focused on making these plans more affordable. This update will only affect newly created databases, but you’re free to migrate from an old plan easily with our automatic migration tool.

The first time I wrote about Redis was six years ago, when we introduced Redis on Clever Cloud. Over the years, we’ve improved Redis with a great GUI (Redsmin), the ability to configure a follower. And now, we’re introducing new Redis plans, with brand new prices.

The Prices

At Clever Cloud, our goal is to help people to be more agile by providing efficient and fully managed services, with a fair price.

Since 2016, our Redis offers needed a pricing and features revamp to stay competitive. So today we are happy to offer a more consistent and linear offer: our previous plans used to start at €8.67 per month for 100 MB. We are now at €4.84 for the same amount of memory.

The Changes

Now databases are not limited to 100 by default: the new plans ramp up from 1 to 20 databases maximum, which should be sufficient for most use cases. These changes are part of a greater overhaul on our Redis offers, stay tuned!


Clement Nivolle

Co-founder and "Chief Revenue Officer" at Clever Cloud. Clément was a developer, but he acquired new powers after being elected in a rather "sales" oriented role (losing short in 2010).

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