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Posted at March 23, 2021 — Company

Introducing second based invoicing

Starting April 1st, this is no joke, we will change the way we measure our customers consumption and start invoicing them by second slices.

This also has some nice effects I will explain later.


  • We are changing the way we measure consumption, prices remain the same.
  • Uptime was billed by 10 minutes slices, it’s now billed by one second slices.
  • You will be able to use credits for everything: Applications, Add-ons, custom tasks you ask to the support team.
  • Invoices will display every detail about your consumption.
  • Changing measurement should not have any major impact on your invoices.

All those changes are possible because we have put a lot of work on our invoicing infrastructure. We are still working on it and will introduce even more new features in the coming months. In the meantime let’s go over those first changes.

Second based prices

We have always invoiced any started 10 minutes slice. It means if you have a build that takes 12 minutes and 42 seconds to complete, you will currently be invoiced for 20 minutes. Starting April 1st you will be invoiced for the duration of the build, so 12 minutes and 42 seconds. This should result in smaller invoices, especially if you run a lot of dedicated builds.

Consume everything with Credits

This is probably the nicest side of effects of all, and you have asked this for years (and I have asked it for years), you can now use your credits for everything. Applications, add-ons or any micro interventions or custom deployments you could ask our support team to do.

This will give more fluidity to our API and CLI usage when creating add-ons.

An invoice with every details

Our current invoice only has one line summing up everything consumed over the past month. The new invoice will contain a line for everything that has been consumed, whether it is an application, an add-on or a custom task. Here’s what it should look like:

Clever Cloud new invoice for march 2021 summary
Clever Cloud new invoice for march 2021 details 1
Clever Cloud new invoice for march 2021 details 2

To sum up, in all likelihood you are not going to spend more, if anything you are going to spend a little less. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you experience any surprises.


Laurent Doguin

Head of Developer Relation @clever_cloud. Devoxx Champion. I am also a nerdy metal head living in Paris.

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