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Posted at December 20, 2017 — Company

Welcoming Ludovic Piot @ Clever Cloud

We are super excited to tell you the Clever Cloud team keeps on growing. Ludovic Piot joined us very recently as Lead of Customer Care.

Ludovic has been in the DevOps world since 2004 when he started working on Infrastructure as Code deployments on bare-metal blade servers. He spent most of his time empowering feature teams through automated tooling and friendly collaboration and culture.

He then welcomed Docker and Kubernetes as great tools to leverage his favorite practices. After years of meetups, conferences and forums where he shared his love for Cloud, Devops culture and performance topics (and earning a Docker Captain title while doing it). He joined Clever Cloud to help us take care of our cutomers and make sure they succeed.

Here’s a picture of our team as it is now (almost fully disclosed 😏).

Ludovic will be particularly involved in our On-Premises and Enterprise offers. He brings a significant experience on setting up new tools and the associated culture and mindset to facilitate your company's transformation by integrating Clever-Cloud products with your other systems (legacy, on-premise, public cloud) in a seamless hybrid solution. He will then build a dedicated team to scale up this activity and follow our growth.

And of course you will still see him giving talks at various conferences, championing what it means to be DevOps.

At Clever Cloud we are all really happy to welcome Ludovic on board and we are looking forward to working with him. We hope it's the same for you.

And don't hesitate to follow Ludovic on Twitter.


Laurent Doguin

Head of Developer Relation @clever_cloud. Devoxx Champion. I am also a nerdy metal head living in Paris.

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