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Posted at March 7, 2017 — Company

Customer Testimonial – Nicolas Leroux – Lunatech

This week, Nicolas Leroux, CEO & Owner @ Lunatech, tells us his journey using Clever Cloud across all the projects his company is working on.

Can you introduce Lunatech and some of the projects you already host on Clever Cloud?

Lunatech specialises in custom solutions with emphasis on integration of diverse information systems. We have intimate knowledge of both Java and Scala. We are using Clever Cloud for all our internal applications, for deploying our POC and for some of our customers. Lately we developed and deployed a Golf management system that is going to be used by a lot of golfers and golf clubs.

Concerning the hosting part, what are your main challenges for the projects you work on? Can you share some metrics per project to give us an idea?

We are mainly using Clever Cloud to perform continuous delivery. We code and enhance the applications without our customers noticing it. It allows us to be extremely agile and to release software every day. This means we can have immediate feedback on new features and improve the software continuously. We are also working closely with Clever Cloud to propose this solution to more traditional customers that would benefit from a shorter release cycle.

How did you discover Clever Cloud?

We discovered Clever Cloud soon enough via Internet because Lunatech is building software using Play Framework and Scala. We also talked a lot to Quentin Adam, the CEO of Clever Cloud.

When did you start using it and what do you think ?

We started using it for internal applications which are at the heart of Lunatech. Without Clever Cloud we would not be able to send invoices to our customers 😉 We naturally extended this experience to our customers.

Did you save money or improve performances in comparison to your previous/other hosting providers?

I don’t think we saved money per say, we however gain a lot of flexibility and a better time to release. It also allows us to give better services to our customer, which is very important for us.

Was it simple to switch hosting provider?

Yes it was.

What do you most like on Clever Cloud?

The fact that we don’t need to think much and it is really reliable.

What features are you expecting the most?

No idea. Right now we are fully satisfied with it. Maybe some FTP servers for some of our client (legacy systems 😉 )

How would you describe Clever Cloud to someone who doesn’t use it yet?

I would not mention it 😉 It is currently a competitive advantage we have over other service companies, I want to keep it secret 🙂


Clement Nivolle

Co-founder and "Chief Revenue Officer" at Clever Cloud. Clément was a developer, but he acquired new powers after being elected in a rather "sales" oriented role (losing short in 2010).

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