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Posted at June 10, 2013 — Company

DZone’s definitive guide to PaaS


Here it comes! Dzone's definitive guide to PaaS & IaaS solution has been officially launched today.

Clever Cloud has participated to the achievement of this guide and you can find all the informations about us inside it.

Read what Dzone said about it:

DZone's Definitive Guide Helps You Make the Right Cloud Decision for Your Organization

Have you ever tried sifting through the hundreds of cloud solutions available in today’s market?
There are so many categories of cloud providers that it’s hard to know if you’re researching the right one’s for > your use case.

So how do you distinguish the contenders from the pretenders? Even if you have nailed down the type of cloud > provider you need, you’re still facing a litany of choices.

The cost and time savings of choosing the right cloud provider can revolutionize your business and drive significant > new profit, but the selection process is daunting. DZone observed many developers and IT professionals struggling to find the right solution for their organization, so we decided to mount this unprecedented research project to create a definitive guide to cloud providers.

The result is DZone's Definitive Guide to Cloud Providers.

  • 100 Pages of Cloud Solution Analysis
  • 9 Categories of PaaS and IaaS Analyzed and Compared
  • 35+ of the Most Active Cloud Solutions and Their Feature Sets
  • Research from 400+ IT Professionals on Cloud Preferences.

Get your FREE copy of this guide and make the best decision for your organization.


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